þYou are here on vacation and want to see something of New York besides the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

þYou are new to New York and want to learn a little something about your adopted hometown.

þYou are a fan of the great outdoors, or at least the concrete jungle.

þYou have lived in New York your whole life, and you want to know why that brownstone on Bank Street has always given you the creeps. 

þYou would like to stand on the street that intersects itself.

þYou want Brooklyn to be more than just a name on a map.

þYou believe that there is more to Central Park than the zoo.

þYou have no idea why West 4th Street crosses West 12th Street.

þYou like to have a good time and wouldn't mind learning a little something too.


If you answered þYES to any of these, then we've got a tour for you!